Trump Announces His New Nickname For Hillary – It’s A Doozy


Donald Trump is a master marketer. He branded the names “Lyin’ Ted”, “Low Energy Jeb”, and “Little Marco”. During a Fox interview last month he hinted that he had a good nickname for Hillary, but he wasn’t ready to release it.

This weekend, he announced Hillary’s new label: “Crooked Hillary”.


The Hill reports that Trump revealed the new nickname at a big rally in Watertown, New York. He had called her “Incompetent Hillary” weeks earlier, but decided that “Crooked Hillary” was more memorable.

The nickname reflects the public’s belief that Clinton is untrustworthy and underhanded. She is currently embroiled in the State Department email scandal, and the Benghazi disaster still haunts her campaign. She is also under a great deal of criticism by Democrat rival, Bernie Sanders, for accepting huge money from big Wall Street firms, and there are many questions surrounding her Clinton Foundation – who has been contributing to the organization, and whether those funds have been used properly.

Trump’s sarcastic nicknames against his rivals have proven to be effective. His Republican candidates have all had their campaigns distracted defending themselves from the nicknames. The billionaire is an effective marketer and has built an empire by effectively branding the Trump name.

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