Trouble on the Horizon for Megyn Kelly?


Megyn Kelly made big waves when she suddenly left Fox News last week for NBC.

Now, not even a week after her last show on FNC, signs are already pointing towards Kelly’s downfall. From the Washington Times:

Megyn Kelly’s sudden decision to leave Fox News to host three shows on another network is a complicated one, drawing mixed reviews from marketing and media gurus. Her most ardent Republican fans, meanwhile, may simply turn away.

“Republicans and Trump voters are not following Fox News‘ former star anchor to her new home base at NBC News,” says Laura Nichols, an analyst for Morning Consult, the pollster. “Thirty-six percent of male Democrats said they are more likely to watch Kelly on NBC News, compared to 29 percent of Republican men who said they are less likely to do the same.”

The poll found that 29 percent of voters who sided with Hillary Clinton are now “more likely” to watch Ms. Kelly on NBC, while 26 percent of those who voted for President-elect Donald Trump said they are now “less likely” to watch her — including a quarter of the GOP women respondents. These feelings may intensify over time. It could be many months before Ms. Kelly actually goes on camera and makes her NBC debut, according to People magazine, which cited ongoing contract negotiations, programming details and other formalities that are still under discussion.

How does Ms. Kelly stack up against other NBC anchors? In the popularity derby, the poll found Matt Lauer had the highest popularity with 41 percent, followed by Lester Holt (37 percent) and Ms. Kelly (34 percent). Savannah Guthrie garnered 27 percent, Tamron Hall 23 percent. “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd was in last place with 22 percent.

Looks like conservative viewers won’t be following Kelly to her new show at NBC. We smell a major ratings drop!

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