Transgender Boy Wins Girl’s State Wrestling Championship [VIDEO]


A transgender student wrestler in Texas has taken home the Class 6A girls state championship this weekend.

Yes, girl’s high school wrestling is a real thing. And it’s very competitive in Texas.

And it got a lot more competitive this weekend, when a transgender student dominated every other woman in the 110-pound division.

Mack Beggs, the 110-pound champion wrestler from Euless Trinity High School, was born female. But for as far back as Beggs could remember, she always thought of herself as a boy.

Now 17 years old, “he” started testosterone treatments over a year ago, which has dramatically increased his muscle mass and transformed his physical appearance. He now looks like a 17 year old boy.

Recognizing his unfair advantage that allowed him to walk away with the gold medal, Beggs actually wanted to compete on the boy’s wrestling team. However, the rules on transgender athletes, which are set by the University Interscholastic League (UIL) require that students compete as members of their biological birth gender.

That means that Beggs, despite having the muscle mass and strength of a young man, is required to still compete as a female.


Beggs’ transgender story went viral once he won the girls state tournament. And now a lawsuit has been filed to prevent Beggs from wrestling in the female division next year.

Attorney Jim Baudhuin, who filed the lawsuit, said “The overwhelming sentiment here is that Mack should be allowed to wrestle, but should be required to compete against the boys.”

The deputy executive director of UIL, Jamey Harrison, held a press conference after Beggs’ victory. He said that there were 768 wrestlers in the Texas state tournament, and “it’s a shame that 767 of them aren’t getting much attention.” Harrison added, “But we are proud of all 768 wrestlers.”

It was obvious that not everyone was happy with Beggs’ victory. When his hand was raised in victory after winning his final match, there were several boos coming from the spectators.

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