Tom Selleck Takes a MASSIVE Stand Against Obama’s Agenda – He Needs Our Support!

Tom Selleck Filming His Show, Blue Bloods
Tom Selleck, a true patriot, filming his show, Blue Bloods.

Hollywood is jam-packed with Obama-loving liberals. But every once in a while, it is possible to find a true patriot in their midst; such is the case with famed actor, Tom Selleck.

“Only a fool seeks peace by inciting violence,” states Tom Selleck in this recent episode of his hit CBS show, Blue Bloods. On this show, Selleck plays Frank Reagan, the conservative NY City Police Commissioner who always has important wisdom to share.

In this episode, appropriately called “Flags of Our Fathers,” Selleck’s character confronts, in a most gracious and fatherly way, a disheveled, young anti-American liberal, David Gore, who wants to not only lead an anti-war demonstration by the Veterans Memorial, but also to burn the American flag. Selleck, wisely, warns him against this act, saying, “Look David, you and I don’t agree on a whole hell of a lot, but whatever message you’re trying to get out here, it’s going to be drowned out by the burning of the flag.”

As can be expected, the episode ends in disaster for Gore and his fellow liberal protestors. Despite this result, the liberals announce that they plan to conduct another, similar protest. At that point Reagan tells them sternly, “That flag, that you consider a prop and a stunt, has draped the coffins of Americans who died to give you the right to ignore that sacrifice. You’re spitting on their graves.”

This scene definitely mimics real life, especially these days as Obama’s race-baiters just love to run out and burn the American flag. With the threat of a liberal backlash, Selleck needs our support as he risks his reputation and livelihood to support us and what we all know to be right!