Watch TIME Reporter Get A BEATDOWN From Trump Security


A secret service agent grabbed a TIME Magazine photographer by the neck and threw him to the ground during a Trump rally in Virginia on Monday. (Yes, TIME Magazine is still being published.) The photographer, Christopher Morris, was taking photos of a group of Black Lives Matter protesters that showed up at the Trump rally. He was told by secret service agents to stay behind a metal barrier, but he refused, telling the secret service agent, “F*ck you” two times. After the second insult, the agent grabbed the old hipster cameraman by the throat and threw him to the ground.

You can see the beatdown at the bottom of the screen in the video below.

Once on his back, Morris pitifully tried kicking the agent, then got up, and attempted to grab the agent’s throat. At that point, Morris was thrown out of the event.

The second video, shown below, is a closeup of the rumble once Morris was thrown to the ground.

TIME Magazine put out a statement apologizing for Mr Morris’s behaviors, adding “Mr. Morris has also expressed remorse for his part in escalating the confrontation.”

While violence is never a good thing, there is something kind of sweet watching a long-haired, hippy TIME Magazine cameraman getting roughed up by a secret service agent. After all, Mr Morris broke the security line and swore at security twice before getting his beatdown.

It’s pretty likely that this liberal idiot wont try a stunt like that again.