Thugs Thought They Could Burn the American Flag – But Then This FedEx Driver Showed Up…


Liberal loons have become obsessed with burning the American flag. But one FedEx driver made it clear that he won’t put up with that nonsense.

Via IJ Review: A small protest in Iowa over “racial and social injustice and U.S. imperialism” almost turned violent Thursday, after a FedEx driver who witnessed an American flag being burned decided to put a stop it—with his bare hands and a fire extinguisher.

The scene turned ugly pretty quickly, and Stephen Gruber-Miller of the Iowa City Press-Citizen caught it all on tape:

Another person in the video, who appears to be a student, also struggled with the protestors, even saying that while he doesn’t necessarily support President Trump’s policies, burning the flag was “treason.”

One of the protestors, Paul Osgerby, told the Press-Citizen: “When I see the flag, I see racial injustice. I see social injustice from Native American genocide to African-American slavery to failing to recognize women as citizens until the 20th century.”

The FedEx driver, identified as Matt Uhrin, declined to comment, saying only that his actions don’t represent his employer.

Two protesters were arrested and charged with violating Iowa City’s public burn ordinance—a misdemeanor punishable by up to 30 days in jail or a $625 fine. They had not applied for a permit for the burning.