Thug Thinks He Can Attack Small Cop… BOY WAS HE MISTAKEN!


It seems like attacks on cops have become a daily occurrence. And what makes that even more sickening is how the media and the Democrat Party consistently give the attackers a free pass.


Even when thugs are being obviously reckless and violent, cops are often the ones who get blamed when situations become escalated.

American News reported:

According to a report provided by the Fresno Police Department, a new incident just accorded on Monday at 7:30 AM, near Hoover High School. It began when a traffic cop observed “a student beginning to run westbound across First Street.”

“The student was not in the crosswalk and the pedestrian crossing light was blinking red,” the report continued. “The officer told the student to go back onto the sidewalk and cross the intersection in the crosswalk when the signal changed.”

Rather than listening to the officer, the young thug decided to run behind the officer to the crosswalk and enter “into the intersection within the crosswalk but against the red signal.”

“The officer told the student to return to the sidewalk until the signal changed,” the report detailed. “The student smiled at him and continued to walk westbound against the red signal.”

There you have it, folks. Just more unnecessary drama and violence against cops that has become the norm in Obama’s America.

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