Testy CNN host Don Lemon Abruptly Quits Live Segment When Commentator Refers to Trump Travel Story as “Fake News”


Testy anchor Don Lemon abruptly ended a segment on his CNN show Friday night when a political contributor refused to back down from describing the story “fake news.”

The segment was a segment discussing the cost of protecting the first family when away from Washington D.C., and was a follow-up on an article that ran in POLITICO on February 3.

Two of the four guests – Democratic strategist Maria Cardona and former Obama staff member Karine Jean-Pierre – predictably lambasted President Trump and his family for not traveling.

Former South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer didn’t condemn the Trumps for travel, but merely said they should keep an eye on the costs to keep them to a minimum. He cited the fact that former president Bill Clinton still maintains secret service agents on his property, which Bauer stated was unprecedented, and probably unnecessary and wasteful.

The CNN host then asked Republican political commentator Paris Dennard for his views.

Dennard wasted little time in getting to the crux of the issue: “I think this is fake news. This is not a news story.” He continued, “The President is not breaking any laws, and is not doing anything wrong…”

Lemon, with the two biased Democrats acting as his cheerleaders, then spent more than a minute lambasting Dennard for referring to the ridiculous segment as fake news. Dennard attempted to further explain his position, but never had a chance as Lemon rudely talked over him.

When Lemon was done with his rant, Dennard commenced where he had left off, not the least bit chastened:
“Don, this is a fake news story in my opinion because… “

Unable to break Mr. Dennard, the peevish CNN host then cut the segment short.

Good job, Paris Dennard, for not backing down.

The POLITICO article which was the basis for the CNN segment made clear several points which actually prove Dennard’s point, which he doubtless would have made if Don Lemon had allowed him to provide his side of the story, as he did with the other program guests.

The trip to Mar-a-Lago is President Trump’s first trip away from Washington D.C. since assuming the presidency in January. By staying at his personal Florida compound, taxpayers are not getting saddled with a bill for hotel expenses and staff, among other things. The trip to Florida was not all pleasure, as were so many of Barack and Michelle Obama’s getaways and vacations, since, as explained in the POLITICO report, President Trump spent much of his time in presidential meetings and phone calls.

Of course President Trump should keep personal travel costs to a minimum, which he has in fact vowed to do. Staying on his own property was one way in which he did just that. Merely one month into his presidency, he should be given the opportunity to live up to his pledge.

Instead, Democrats, liberals, and other assorted anti-Trump folks have jumped on the President’s first foray outside the White House to claim that he is running up unnecessary costs to the taxpayer!

Funny how these same people never leveled such criticism on Barack and Michelle Obama when they took many expensive vacations during their eight years in the White House, even when those holidays were purely for pleasure!

The hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze.

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