TERROR IN INDIANA – Radical Islam Creeping into Small Towns


The Boston bombing, the Florida nightclub massacre, the attack in San Bernadino, the attack in Fort Hood, Texas. The shooting in Garland, Texas, the massacre in Orlando, Florida. Radical Islamic terrorists have repeatedly attacked law abiding U.S. citizens. And now, there is yet another incident to add to the list. This one happened at a Goodwill store in Muncie, Indiana.

The most surprising thing one would generally expect to have happen while shopping at a Goodwill store is, perhaps, to find a $100 bill in the pocket of a coat. Well, Chasity Fraley and her three children received a way bigger surprise than that when they were out shopping last weekend.

While at the Goodwill, Fraley and her children suddenly heard a man start screaming. She looked around and found that he was at the front of the store.

“A guy had become very irate and was screaming at one of the employees and then grabbed him by the collar and start pushing him and screaming, ‘Are you scared?’” Fraley told WISH-TV. She then went on to explain that, “he was just so full of rage and violence. I never seen anything like that before.”

As most moms would do, Fraley moved her kids away from the ruckus. “They got very scared at that point and then I heard him say ‘I’m going to kill everyone in here,’” she told a reporter from WISH-TV.

Fraley quickly learned that the man, Khalid Bilal, had become angry while trying to convert a Goodwill employee to Islam. A female employee, trying to mediate the situation, offered to talk to him outside of the store, but he would have none of it.

Fraley spelled out what happened next: “He violently grabbed [the employee] around the neck and just was punching and whatever he could to her. A bunch of employees came out to keep him away from customers.”

At that point police arrived on the scene, finding Bilal still threatening store employees. While being taken into custody he then broke one officer’s hand, then charged at another officer, at which point he was tased. Finally police were able to get him into handcuffs. However, that was not enough to keep him under control, as he starting kicking at police, too. So, his legs were shackled. Throughout the whole incident he repeatedly yelled, “Allah Akbar,” an Islamic phrase that means “Allah is greater” or “Allah is the greatest.”

goodwill muncie indiana

Police reported to WISH-TV that Bilal continued assaulting officers during the ensuing trip to the hospital and, even once he arrived there, he hit an officer three times.

Bilal, who is just 24-years-old, faces charges of battery, resisting law enforcement, disorderly conduct, battery with injury, intimidation and strangulation. Yet another incident of radical Islamic terror. Clearly, the fears about radical Islamic terror in the U.S. are real. We need Trump’s travel ban now! Even one attack like this is one too many!

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