HORROR: Terror at Inauguration, Numerous Wounded


Trump supporters are being assaulted by angry liberals as Donald Trump’s inauguration is underway.

Trump Supporter Dave Allsup got hit in the head with a flag pole.

Eggs, flagpoles, batteries, tear gas, and more! “It’s insane, just insane,” stated one “Deploraball” invitee.

Insane, indeed. Or more like horrible. Peaceful protests, yes, that is fine. Citizens of the U.S.A. are almost universally in favor of people’s right to protest–but in a peaceful way. Not in a way that terrorizes those with opposing views.

Allsup, a 21-year-old Trump supporter, is on video (see below) being harassed by a group of anti-Trump protesters. Photos of him covered in blood are all over the internet. He received the after he was hit with a flag pole.

According to the DailyMail website, “A massive crowd of people who are against the president-elect gathered outside the National Press Club, which was holding the ‘DeploraBall’ – a celebratory event organized by Trump supporters…”

As Stephen Crowder, Turns out the left was right. Trump’s #InaugurationDay’s brought with it intolerance, violence and hatred. Just happens to be from the left.

An anti-Trump protester is seen here wearing a mask over part of his face, and holding a burning sign in Washington, D.C. A “peaceful” protester? Most would say he is not.

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