Terrifying Video Shows The Fall of England, Happening Before Our Eyes


Europe has a huge Muslim problem. As refugees flood into Europe from the Middle East, terrorism and violence continues to grow throughout the continent. European women are getting raped, and crime rates are skyrocketing in cities like Paris, London, and Stockholm. Unfortunately, the European press is just as liberal as the American press, and these stories are not always covered. The gang rapes of German women in Cologne on New Year’s went unreported in the German press until the second week of January, when it became clear that this was a massive problem that could not be ignored.

Now the Wall Street Journal reports that 800 British Muslims have left the country to wage jihad with ISIS. And a new survey shows an alarming failure of Muslims to assimilate into U.K. society.

The following video was taken last month in East London. It shows large groups of Muslim immigrants surrounding and terrorizing white British citizens on the street. This is the how the British people are thanked for rescuing these Muslim people from their third-world Hell-holes.

The demographic shifts in Europe are irreversible at this point. Violence continues to escalate, and many Brits believe a civil war between radical Muslims and native born Christians is inevitable.

Let’s hope our politicians in Washington learn from Europe’s mistakes, and slow down the rate of unvetted Muslim immigration into our nation.

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