Terrifying Video Shows MUSLIM TAKEOVER of U.S. City


It is an audacious, unaccountable thing to do, but hundreds of Muslims did it. They stood on the streets in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, and celebrated their unity in the name of Allah. The Muslims defend a religion that’s murders innocent Americans and Christians.

The United States is at war with the Middle East. If Americans tried to hold a “peaceful” protest in the Middle East we would be ruthlessly tortured and murdered. We don’t flock together every time something happens we don’t like.

This video will be defended by liberals citing religious freedom. However, if your religion hurts and kills innocent Americans and Christians, and you chemically poison your own people, that religion should not be celebrated in the United States.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama instigated a society that trembles in the name of Islam. He allowed Muslims to assert their dominance in, and over, the United States. Liberals repeat the rhetoric, white privilege, Islamophobia, and cultural appropriation everywhere.

We are suffering now because Obama was a coward when it came to Islam and Muslims. We would not have a tourist site where the World Trade Center used to be if their religion was “loving and nonviolent.”

Radical Islam didn’t stop at 9/11. If anything it just got started, the attacks are repetitive and ceaseless. Obama would scold Americans every time a terrorist attack happened, reprimanding us for our racism. Brainwashing the liberals into thinking it was all our fault.

Those of us who are informed will not be fooled by Muslim ulterior motives any longer. We will promote the basic principles that have made this country as prosperous as it is. We will stand by our president because he stands with us.