Ted Cruz Makes MASSIVE Announcement – Heads Will Roll


Ted Cruz made an April 12 appearance on The Chris Salcedo Show (on The Blaze Network).

Among the topics he discussed was the dangerously close special House election in Kansas this week, held to fill the seat vacated by Mike Pompeo, who assumed the role of Director of the Central Intelligence Agency in January.

Mike Pompeo

Pompeo had won the House seat in a landslide, by 27 percentage points in November. In the recent special election, Republican Ron Estes defeated Democratic opponent James Thompson by just seven points in the closer than expected contest for Kansas’ 4th District.

Cruz said the close Republican victory in what is normally a GOP stronghold should serve as a wake-up call to Republicans across the country, saying, “I think the election was certainly a warning sign.”

Ron Estes

Accounting for the 20-point shift that occurred in just half a year, Cruz pointed out that “The radical left is filled with fury right now. I mean, they’re blind with rage. As a result, they’re energized—they will crawl over broken glass. And we knew they would show up, and they did show up.”

Cruz explained, “If we want to win elections, whether these special elections for congressional seats or the elections coming up in November 2018, the way to do it is to deliver on our promises. That is what I am urging every day President Trump and leaders in both houses we have got to do what we said we would do.”

Laying out specifics, Cruz said, “Republicans have to follow through with the repeal of Obamacare, major tax reform and funding the border wall.”

Cruz concluded, “My message to my colleagues is simple. Let’s do what we said we would do. Let’s behave in April the same way we said we would behave in November. That disconnect is why people are so furious with Washington, so frustrated with Washington because we keep electing people who say one thing on the campaign trial and then behave differently in Washington.”

Senator Cruz is absolutely correct in his assessment of the challenge for the GOP. Get back to the messages that lifted them to historic victories in November. Americans are fed up and angry, and don’t want more of the same old politics. This fury swept away the Democrats in November, but can just as easily sweep away Republican majorities going forward.

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