Teacher Charged With 12 Counts Sexual Assault


A teacher from Menomonee Falls High School, Wisconsin, had sex with a student for over two months before finally getting caught.

April Novak, 30, who is married, faces up to 18 years behind bars if convicted of sexual assault.

She told the police that she still had strong feelings for the boy but was “willing to get help and get my life straightened out.” The stellar mother of two also stated to the police who arrested her that she thought of killing herself by driving into a bridge with her young sons in the car.

Novak was having sex with the young student on a couch in the classroom. Her husband knew she was helping the boy with rides and food, but became very suspicious. It wasn’t until after a tutor caught them kissing that she was finally arrested and admitted to the affair.

The reading teacher and literacy coach resigned from her job when the scandal surfaced.


The court heard all of the facts surrounding the case including that the teacher was on birth control and the boy used condoms that he would discard in a Styrofoam coffee cup.

“You confirm that you and he had engaged in sexual intercourse about 12 times in your classroom while you were employed as a teacher. Is that true?” Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Ralph Ramirez asked her.

“Yes, your honor.” Novak replied:

Novak pleaded no contest to three counts of sex with a minor in exchange for having nine other charges dropped.
Prosecutors have indicated they will ask for jail time when she is sentenced on June 29