Super Realistic ‘Human Sex Robots’ Unveiled

Sexy Doll in Pink Undies

The 2015 movie Ex Machina brought the concept that sex robots equipped with artificial intelligence would be a reality in the oh-so-near future. Now, Abyss Creations, a company based in California, has announced that by 2017 they will be rolling out, at $15,000 per unit, a “human like” AI sex robot complete with bodily warmth (ahem, everywhere) and the ability to talk sexy to its human lovers. This new line of sex robots will be similar, but more human-like, to RealDolls, the company’s existing line of realistic sex dolls, which have undergone periodic upgrades since their inception 20 years ago.

Now that you've lost your job, you can spend more "quality time" at home.
Now that you’ve lost your job, you can spend more “quality time” at home.

Today, customers can go on-line and customize their doll, right down to hair color, makeup, skin tones, eye color, breast size, genitalia – even freckles – and then wait patiently for a coffin-sized package to arrive in the mail.

All the love, none of the nag.
All the love, none of the nag.

Just think, now you can recreate that girl that dumped you in high school, and she will never say no. And there’s no nagging, and none of the “Why don’t you take me out any more?”, and “Your farts stink”, and “You haven’t showered this week”, blah blah blah.

Unlike the robots in Ex Machina, the artificial intelligence of the upcoming sex robots will be limited, with a vocabulary restricted to a set of basic words and a small range of bodily movements responding to human touch. An expert on artificial intelligence, David Levy, indicated that “Synthetic skin embedded with electronic sensors will enable the robots to react with (artificial) pleasure as they are caressed by their owner-lovers, for example. And as artificial intelligence researchers improve the quality of computer-generated conversation, robots will develop the skills needed for seduction and the whispering of sweet nothings during love-making.”

Paradise for nerds, perverts and serial killers everywhere.
Paradise for nerds, perverts and serial killers everywhere.

The march of technology is fast moving the sex doll industry, which has existed for decades, from models like Bianca of Lars and the Real Girl to Abyss Creations’ newest models, with early-stage AI.

What are your thoughts on these high tech love-companions? Is there anything wrong with a lonely man having a sexy silicon partner? Share your thoughts in the comments section.