Study: How The Mexican People REALLY Feel About Trump


“The power Trump has over us, over our economy, over our geography, our perception of our freedom of movement, over the way the world sees us is terrifying.”

So says a woman in Mexico City named Flor.

In a recent report from The Guardian, reporters spoke to several Mexicans both in the United States and Mexico about how they felt about the election of President Donald Trump.

There were very few positive words for our president.

Most Mexicans appear to be most concerned about the economic consequences of a Trump presidency. The real estate billionaire promised to dump the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) because it favors Mexico at the expense of America workers. Since NAFTA was signed, the Mexican manufacturing base has been booming.

“NAFTA boosted wealth across the subcontinent,” said Enrique, 53, from Mexico City. “Cutting ties with Mexico will also harm the United States.”

What Enrique apparently hasn’t learned yet is that just the threat of leaving NAFTA has brought tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs back to America from corporations fearing a Trump re-importation tax. In January, Ford’s CEO announced plans to scrap a Mexican auto plant in favor of bringing it back to Michigan; he cited Trump’s policies as the reason for returning to America. Once devastated communities throughout the American rust belt are finally showing signs of life after decades of decay.

The weakening peso is also causing concern among many in Mexico as well. “We went from 18.7 pesos per dollar on election day to 20.5 within a couple of days,” says one woman living in Mexico City. “It’s expected to reach 30. We have been humiliated in front of the world.”

Ironically, the weakening peso makes Mexican imports even cheaper in the United States. But if Trump decides to impose a tariff on these products, this will devastate the Mexican economy.

As for Americans looking for a cheap vacation, the weak peso has made Cancun and Cabo an incredible bargain.

Many Mexicans feel unjustly blamed for America’s drug epidemic. A man named Milton, living in Cancun told The Guardian, “It’s not fair that a president has blamed Mexico because of issues they have. Many drugs go to the US through the Mexican border, but the US is the first drug consumer worldwide.”

MS-13 Gang Members

What Milton forgets is that Mexican gangs, like the notorious MS-13, has rooted themselves across America to incite violence and promote toxic drugs to our youth. This is another reason why President Trump is insisting on the border wall. Yes, America has a drug problem. But it is being fed and expanded by Mexican cartels.

Perhaps the best comment about last year’s election came from a man named Chio in Mexico City. “All that money spent to promote Hillary Clinton during the election could have been used for something useful. Hillary Clinton ended up being popular in the wrong country.”

We couldn’t have said it better.

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