Store Owner Forces Muslim to Take Off Hijab – Then Everyone Saw She Was Hiding THIS…


Oh… Wow… Who knew you could fit so much stuff into one outfit?

Well, apparently this Muslim lady did. In the video, below, you’ll see that it’s like she had half of the store crammed inside her hijab. She definitely gets an F for stealing, but probably an A+ for technique.

So, the store management seems to have let her off without any major punishment (or any consequence, at all, save a bit of shame from having her thievery publicly exposed). However, what happens to her when she gets home? What will the man who is “in charge” of her think? After all, many Muslim women must remain under the control of some man, be it their fathers, brothers, husbands, or sons, throughout their entire lives? That scenario is not funny, it’s likely very scary.

According to Sharia law, stealing is, in certain situations, to be punished by having one’s hand cut off. According to, a combination of the following conditions must occur before the hand of a thief is cut off:

1- The thing should have been taken by stealth; if it was not taken by stealth, then the hand should not be cut off, such as when property has been seized by force in front of other people, because in this case the owner of the property could have asked for help to stop the thief.

2- The stolen property should be something of worth, because that which is of no worth has no sanctity, such as musical instruments, wine and pigs.

2- The value of the stolen property should be above a certain limit, which is three Islamic Dirhams or a quarter of an Islamic Dinar, or their equivalent in other currencies.

3- The stolen property should have been taken from a place where it had been put away, i.e., a place where people usually put their property, such as a cupboard, for example.

4- The theft itself has to be proven, either by the testimony of two qualified witnesses or by the confession of the thief twice.

5- The person from whom the property was stolen has to ask for it back; if he does not, then (the thief’s) hand does not have to be cut off.

If these conditions are fulfilled, then the hand must be cut off.