Sore Loser Maddow Has ON AIR MELTDOWN!

Rachel Maddow - Upset Over Trump Win
Rachel Maddow - Upset Over Trump Win

Somebody get Rachel Maddow a box of tissues! As the stunning realization of Republican Donald Trump’s impending presidential victory set in, the MSNBC host took to the air to bitterly show her great frustration that vast portions of the electorate did not share her far-left views and contempt for the American people.

“You’re not having a terrible, terrible dream. Also you’re not dead and you haven’t gone to hell. This is your life now, this is our election now, this is us, this is our country – it’s real.”

Millions of good, hardworking Americans, who only want a better future for themselves and their neighbors, would likely agree with Maddow’s views. No, they do not feel they are having a terrible dream, nor do they think they have gone to hell. They are likely filled with the joy that their votes actually made a difference, and that their voices may finally be heard.

The media and elites have shown so little regard to the plight and very real concerns of Americans who are not fortunate enough to have jobs with large networks, jobs which face no chance of being outsourced or given to non-citizens. Indeed, people like Maddow have long slandered and libeled these Americans with insults and accusations of bigotry and of being ‘deplorables.’

In the wake of Maddow’s petulant appearance, social media lit up with sharp criticisms of the MSNBC propagandist.

One person tweeted: “Meltdown of the night: Rachel Maddow is losing it as Trump wins Ohio, North Carolina and it’s hilarious.”

Another pointed out the obvious: “Rachel Maddow is so clearly disgusted with American voters that she has lost touch with reality. Trump did not win on anti-Muslim.”

Another Twitter user gave the following critique: “I’m sick of Rachel Maddow and all the MSNBC people acting like they’re so stunned that Donald Trump is winning. He stands for America.”