Something HORRIFYING Found At Border – CNN REFUSES To Report…


The mainstream media is constantly calling for open borders and trying to make President Donald Trump look crazy for trying to crack down on illegal immigration. That’s why you won’t be hearing about this from CNN…

Breitbart reported that Border Patrol officers noticed a 47 year-old woman behaving strangely as she tried to enter the U.S. from Mexico through the pedestrian border lines at the Port of Nogales’ Dennis DeConcini crossing last week. When officers searched the woman, they found nearly 3 pounds of heroin strapped to her buttocks, worth an estimated $45,000.

The officers also found methamphetamine and cocaine, bringing the combined value to $410,000.

This came hours after officers at the same crossing intercepted 22 pounds of methamphetamine, worth an estimated $65,000, in a vehicle driven by a 38-year-old woman as she tried to enter the U.S. The woman had hidden the drugs in the rear quarter panels of her Ford SUV.

Immediately after the woman was detained, officers discovered an additional 31 pounds of methamphetamine in the vehicle of a 40 year-old Mexican national trying to enter the U.S. They found 2.5 pounds of cocaine along with the methamphetamine stashed in the vehicle’s floor area. There are a total of $123,000-worth of narcotics in the vehicle.

This was just one day at this border crossing, and what happened there shows exactly why Trump is trying to protect us from the crime that is brought here from Mexico. SHARE this story if you support Trump and his crackdown on illegal immigration!