The SICKENING Reason Behind The American Health Care Act Failures…


Republicans and Democrats are all a bit stunned since the American Health Care Act was pulled from the House floor. Now that there’s no vote, what will replace the bill? And why was it pulled so suddenly?

Allen West recalls that the American Health Care Act, or AHCA, was not what the American people were promised by the Trump campaign and administration. According to West, it’s not only Democrats stopping progress. Congressional Republicans are to blame for this health care failure.

“…we can be thankful for those in the House Freedom Caucus for blocking the bill on the grounds that it was an Obamacare revision, not a replacement. Whether or not an actual Obamacare repeal and replacement gets passed in the future lies in their hands.”

The AHCA was so similar to Obamacare, that people like West and others, have been referring to the act as Obamacare-lite. Even though the act pandered to liberals and leftist policies, it was still too conservative for the Washington elites who have personal reasons not to deviate from the previous agenda, many of which are monetary and political.

According to West, “it’s shocking only 18 Republicans opposed the bill on the grounds that it was too liberal.” That’s pathetic. The Republican party needs a massive overhaul – and they can start with Paul Ryan. Pundits like Michelle Malkin and Jeanine Pirro have called for Paul Ryan to step down. Ryan has been unpopular with Trump supporters who found him to be untrustworthy during the presidential campaign.

What does all this mess mean? It means that a gross majority of politicians in Washington – Republicans included – don’t care about the American people! Donald Trump needs to DRAIN THE SWAMP!