SHOCKING VIDEO: US Fighter Pilots Bomb The HELL Out Of Terrorist Compound


This short but amazing clip shows six 2000 pound GBU-32 JDAMs being dropped by US fighter pilots onto a Taliban compound (the video incorrectly labels the bombs as 1000 pound ordinances). Once the bombs detonate, there is little left of the compound.

The location of this compound is unknown.

JDAM stands for Joint Direct Attack Munition. The JDAM system upgrades our existing inventory of 1000-pund and 2000-pound general purpose unitary bombs by integrating a guidance kit using a GPS system (similar to the one used in your car, but far more precise). The 1000-pound version of JDAM is designated the GBU-31, and the 2000-pound version is designated the GBU-2.

JDAM can be launched from up to 15 miles from the target, and can be used in adverse weather conditions.


This strike was an enormous blow to the Taliban. This video was taken in 2013. We don’t hear much about the Taliban any more. Today’s most prominent terrorist group is ISIS. (Many Taliban soldiers have now joined the ranks of ISIS).


President Obama should take the shackles off our military’s warriors and let them kick ISIS ass with impunity. With weapons like the GBU-32 JDAM in America’s arsenal, ISIS soldiers could get to meet their 72 virgins within a couple of hours.

Do you think we should refrain from widespread use of these types of weapons due to potential civilian casualties, or should American forces be allowed to unleash Hell on earth to ISIS soldiers? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.