SHOCKING: Muslim Man Marries 6 Year Old Girl; Rapes Her For 9 Years


A six year old child was forced into a Muslim marriage to a 34-year-old man in Melbourne, Australia. A Muslim Imam is being charged with marrying an underage girl at the Melbourne mosque.

The Daily Mail reports that police claim the girl “was raped by her husband the day after the wedding.” The 61-year-old Imam, Ibrahim Omerdic, and the 34-year-old husband were both charged.

61 year old Imam Ibrahim Omerdic (pictured) has been charged with aiding in the forced marriage of a minor in Australia last year

The Geller Report says that the Islamic Muslim Prophet Muhammad’s “favorite wife was all but six when he married her, nine when he consummated the marriage.” Marrying young women in the Muslim faith is not uncommon. This time, thankfully, the Australian government stepped in.

Imam Ibrahim Omerdic will stay in jail until his February 3rd court date. The 34-year-old husband is also incarcerated as the trial continues. The Imam allegedly broke down in tears during the last court date, but that won’t do much to help him if all these allegations are true.

This creep married a 34 year old man to a 6 year old girl. He is also considered a pillar of the Muslim community in Australia.

Let’s hope the Australian court system takes a stand for women’s rights and Western values. Western culture does not support the sick practice of marrying off underage girls to grown men. Good people won’t put up with this kind of behavior.

If the men are guilty, they should be punished to the full extent of the law. There is no excuse for the abuse of young women, no matter what your “religious laws” say. Raping a minor is sick, unacceptable, and wrong.

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