SHOCKING: Look What The Mainstream Media Is Doing After The Debate


There is no question in anyone’s mind that Donald Trump was the clear winner of the Sunday night presidential debates. And that doesn’t sit well with the liberal press.

The headlines of every main-street media source were nothing short of apoplectic.

The front page of New York Times had the following articles on the home page of their website:

  • Trump Didn’t Ease Women’s Fears
  • Mr. Trump Goes Low: Once Again, Hillary Clinton Was the Only Adult in the Room
  • Trump’s Second Debate, In Brief: He just lies. Relentlessly.
  • Trump Threatens Republican Defectors

Hilarious stuff. No wonder no one reads the Grey Lady any more.

The home page of the Boston Globe wasn’t much better. Their front page headlines included:

  • Donald Trump’s Dark Vision Is Anything But Presidential
  • A Night Of Drama And Personal Attacks On the Debate Stage
  • Trump Ally Paid Sexual Assault Victim Critical Of Clinton

Newsweek, the publication that can no longer afford to publish a print magazine, posted the following on their home page:

  • ROUND 2: The I-Need-A-Shower Debate

with the following subtitle:

With campaign in free fall, Trump turns ugly, accusing Bill Clinton of assault and threatening to jail Hillary Clinton.

Now that’s some good, objective reporting, Newsweek!


NBC News online had these top headline gems for it’s readers:

  • ANALYSIS: Trump Steps Up By Stepping Out Of Bounds
  • “Gorilla” Trump Accused Of “Stalking” Clinton On Stage
  • Poll: Majority Of Voters Say Trump Doesn’t Respect Women‘s top headlines read:

  • Trump Threatens To Lock Up Clinton If He Wins Election
  • Putin and Pinochet and Other world Leaders Who Jail Opponents
  • Trump’s Mission: To Make Clinton’s Life Hell For the Next Month

Isn’t adorable how the first two CNN headlines compare Donald Trump to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet?

And these were just the so-called “Main Stream Media” headlines!

Take a look at the front page of leftie-rag, Mother Jones:


Yes, the brilliant journalist, David Corn, wrote a wonderful, unbiased article in Mother Jones entitled In Second Debate, Donald Trump Showcases His Dark Soul, with the subtitle, “He really is that asshole who boasted of grabbing women by the p****y.

Wow, Mr. Corn can start making room on his shelf for that Pulitzer Prize.

The American media has become a joke. They don’t even try to hide their bias any more. And this is why no one reads newspapers or watches the main-stream TV news any more.

Do you think Donald Trump can overcome the liberal bias that has infected the American media? Share your thoughts in the comments section.