Shocking Confessions From Obama Classmate – Lies, Drugs, And More…


Obama’s old classmate just dropped a BOMB on the President’s squeaky clean image! We all knew he smoked a few cigarettes, but that only made him more likable to his followers. Who’s perfect, right?

Well it looks like Obama’s REAL vices blow that cigarette thing out of the water!

Conservative Fighters reports that Mia Marie Pope, a high school acquaintance of Barack Obama, is claiming that Obama “was known as a crack-smoking homosexual.”

Pope was acquainted with Obama in the 1970’s, and she is saying that not only was he a drug user, but he was a “compulsive, pathological liar.” She gave an interview for The Manning Report and said that Obama traded sex for drugs with older gay men.

What??? Wow.

The former classmate also said that Obama doesn’t want the public to see his school records because he preformed so poorly. Conservative Fighters writes, “Pope makes it clear that had she not believed that Obama was literally destroying America, we wouldn’t ‘have heard a peep’ from her and that she has no political affiliation.”

Well she certainly came out swinging! Hey, we all have a past…but this stuff is wild. If Pope is telling the truth about Obama she should be very careful. We all know what happens to people who cross the left. Just ask the Clintons.

During the interview Pope was introduced as someone who knew “Barry” and grew up with him in Hawaii, and was adamant that he smoked cocaine. Pope says she did not meet Barry until 1977, when she was a young teen. She says that he always “portrayed himself as a foreign student,” and was part of the “thriving” gay community at the time.

Mia says that Obama was never interested in women, only men. She says, “every time this guy opened his mouth, the most outlandish stories” would come out. “It was always some self-aggrandizing thing,” she said.

The picture Obama paints of himself today, is very different from the young man Pope describes. Except for the lying. He’s still doing that…

Watch the video: