Sean Hannity Needs His Fans NOW More Than Ever…


Rumors are flying about Fox News and all the changes the station will have to make in the wake of Bill O’Reilly’s absence.

Sean Hannity is potentially at risk for losing his position at Fox News, according to Conservative Fighters. Could Hannity’s job really be on the chopping block, or is this all talk?

The liberal media has certainly jumped on the bandwagon, as they would love nothing more than to take Sean Hannity off the air. Hannity was a strong supporter of Donald Trump during and after the presidential campaign. It is reported the two men talk on a regular basis. Hannity’s commitment to spreading a modern conservative message to millions of viewers really gets under the skin of the leftist media.

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters went on MSNBC and according to Conservative Fighters, he “insisted that Hannity could be next on the hot seat.” The panel discussed Rupert Murdoch’s sons becoming top executives at Fox, and the recent speculation from pundits across the aisle, that the channel is taking a new direction.

Peters commented that Hannity had a “propaganda-like attitude” and questioned whether the show would “be acceptable in the minds of the family which is clearly trying to shift the network in another direction.”

This is a time for Hannity supporters to stand by one of their favorite hosts. The Murdoch family should know that losing Hannity would be devastating to the network.

Sean Hannity is the glue holding the Fox News Network together! Share your support for Sean in the comments section to show him we are behind him all the way!