Rosie O’Donnell Caught in HORRIFIC Scandal – Does She Deserve Jail Time?


Rosie O’Donnell, loud detractor of President Trump, continuously proves she has severe mental issues and isn’t credible.

Chelsea, the daughter O’Donnell adopted with her first wife, Kelly in 1997, has come forward with the details of what really happened two years ago when she was 17 and got kicked out of her home.

Rosie abused Chelsea and threatened to kill her. Now 19 years old she has found the strength to stand up to her mother and tell the world the truth.

In 2015 text messages of Chelsea’s were being seen by Rosie because she was using a spyware program to try see her every move. Rosie found out many private things that way but one thing that apparently pushed her over the edge, the fact that Chelsea ignored her and got a tattoo on her stomach.

When Chelsea, just a teen at the time, came home a little late, a drunk Rosie confronted her. The lesbian mom screamed at Chelsea to take off her clothes so she could see her tattoo.

Chelsea stated to reporters that Rosie took a wine bottle into her hand and started chasing her all over the house. She threatened to hit Chelsea with the wine bottle if she even tried to leave the house. Rosie said she would call the police and turn it around to say Chelsea was attacking her and she had to defend herself.

As Rosie was chasing and threatening her daughter she screamed that if she really wanted to kill her she could, that she was that strong. Eventually Rosie caught up with Chelsea and ripped at her shirt exposing the tattoo. Chelsea ran from the house.


A week after this all happened Rosie, looking like the “good” mother reported Chelsea missing in order to get sympathy for herself. Rosie has thrown all the blame on her daughter and the fight, saying Chelsea has problems with mental issues, when what we have all seen and know, is that clearly Rosie that is the insane one.

In some sick way of trying to still control her daughter, Rosie has attacked Chelsea in the public’s opinion. Chelsea left home that awful night and thankfully has not returned since.