Rioting Thug Attacks Patriot Carrying American Flag… BIG MISTAKE!


California has become so liberal that American patriots are now being harassed – and even arrested – for defending themselves and their right to wave the flag.

A man was attacked in Berkeley, CA by a group of angry liberals, just because he was carrying an American flag and promoting free speech.

Kyle Chapman, a popular conservative social media icon also known as “Based Stickman” on Facebook, was in Berkeley carrying an American flag while filming a promotion for an upcoming free speech rally. He was told by a group of young leftist thugs that he and his cameraman needed to leave the area. One of the men challenged Chapman to a fight, and Chapman punched him, as another triggered liberal hit Chapman with a skateboard.

Breitbart reports that the anti-American group who had started the fight had the nerve to call the police on Chapman. “Chapman and the man he punched, 33-year-old Emmanuel Hall, were both detained. [Emmanuel] Hall allegedly brandished him with a large knife.”

Both parties involved received citations from authorities, and Breitbart says Chapman’s caption on the video clearly expressed how he feels about how it all went down.

Chapman writes: “This is another example of left-wing thugs trying to intimidate and threaten real Americans when we try to exercise our First Amendment rights. We CANNOT let that fly.”

Liberals across the country are hateful towards anything that celebrates America, and are so unhinged, that flying the flag in public has become a dangerous act. These snowflakes couldn’t even handle the fight on their own, they had to call the police (that they are otherwise ungrateful for) to save them from the consequences of their own bullying.

Watch the fight here: