The Results Are In… Trump Could Win in a LANDSLIDE

Trump Victory
A Trump victory is at hand!

The stunning developments of October 28, with the FBI announcing that it was reopening their investigation into the case of Hillary Clinton’s private email server, has sent shockwaves through the nation. The political landscape has been rearranged, with the certain Clinton victory trumpeted in the media now not such a sure thing. The most recent Fox Electoral Scorecard indicates a number of states, previous thought to be safely in Clinton’s pocket, to be either toss-ups or having moved to the Trump column.

Among the changes to the Scorecard, as announced by the Fox News Decision Team, are the following – Indiana has moved from “lean Republican” to “solid Republican,” Missouri has moved from “lean Republican” to “solid Republican,” New Hampshire has moved from “lean Democrat” to “toss-up,” and Ohio has moved from “toss-up” to “lean Republican.”

Based on the current status of the Fox Electoral Scorecard, the surest path to a Trump victory would be to add the states rated as “toss-up” to his category, while adding a victory in either Michigan, North Carolina, or Pennsylvania. If the political winds continue to blow in his favor, of course, Trump’s path to victory would only be enhanced.

The Trump campaign has used the recent announcement that the FBI has reopened the case of Clinton’s private email server to make the case that Clinton is deceitful, corrupt, and unfit to govern. Of course, the Hillary team and its supporters have expressed outrage that the FBI would make the announcement at such an inopportune time for their election prospects, less than two weeks before November 8.