Rapper Eminem Launches VILE Attack On Trump – INSTANTLY Regrets It


Eminem has been struggling to remain a relevant hip-hop artist for years. In a recent attempt to make headlines, the rapper has….yup, you guessed it! Trashed Donald Trump.

Eminem didn’t save all his insults for the President, he also attacked conservative author Ann Coulter. Which is no shock, since Eminem is infamous for talking about raping, murdering, and abusing women on every single one of his records.

The Young Conservatives report that Eminem’s new song includes fantasies about sexually assaulting Ann Coulter. Oh, and he called Donald Trump a “b*tch,” which is so original. You can’t come up with anything more clever, Eminem?

It’s not that Eminem was ever “classy,” but he was an icon for a generation, and a successful contrarian. He mocked Hollywood and refused to back down to censorship attempts by activists groups in the nineties. Now the rapper and pop-culture rebel is just falling in line with his leftist buddies in Hollywood. The song is a transparent attempt to get attention, and his Trump-hating doesn’t even seem genuine. The whole thing is sad, and frankly…boring.


The song is being featured on Detroit rapper Big Sean’s new album, and the track is called “No Favors.” During Eminem’s rant about President Trump he threatens him, saying he’ll make Trump’s “brand go under.”

Um. No you won’t, Eminem. You can’t even sell your own brand anymore, you have to guest rap on Big Sean’s.

In regards to his vile words on Ann Coulter, let’s just say the 44-year-old rapper describes the many ways in which he imagines sexually assaulting her.

Eminem is becoming a bitter, washed up, celebrity with a severely weak rap game. He used to be the golden boy of the industry, and now he’s just a liberal wimp who thinks people care about his politics. Newsflash, Eminem, you are not a political analyst.