Radical Muslim Beheads IKEA Shopper, IKEA Responds With THIS


Liberals continue to ignore the problem the world faces when it comes to radical Islam.

Two IKEA shoppers in Sweden were attacked and killed right in the store by an Eritrean Muslim asylum seeker. Allen B. West reports that the mother and son who died were not only stabbed, but one victim was beheaded.

According to Allen West the 57-year-old Swedish woman was shopping with her 22-year-old son when the 35-year-old “asylum seeker” acquired knives from the kitchen section of the store and went after his victims.

West also says the suspect had “met with migration officials just hours before the attack” and was scheduled to be deported at a later date. How badly do our governments need to fail us, how much violence needs to take place, before authorities detain individuals who are scheduled to be deported?

And where are all the moderate Muslims speaking out against this violence? More Muslims need to speak out against violence in Islam. Most Muslims seem more focused on being offended by the travel ban. Well maybe they should be offended by all the blood being shed for Mohammed.

IKEA has now announced in the wake of this brutal attack, they will no longer be selling kitchen knives at retail locations. That’s right, because of murderous “asylum-seekers” who want to destroy the western world and go on random killing sprees, Sweden can no longer trust in civilized society to behave as such. Now the country has to remove all sharp objects in public spaces that could be used as murder weapons. Just in case some psychopath who shouldn’t be in the country in the first place decides to unleash his rage at an IKEA.

One can barely imagine the horror at the scene, where two innocent people lost their lives at the hands of such evil.

The medieval practices and violent outbursts in the name of Islam are archaic and need to be stopped!