Putin Humiliates Obama Admin. In Front Of Entire World


After seven years of watching Barack Obama run our country like a coward, Russian President Vladimir Putin has lost all respect for him and his administration. He made this abundantly clear on Thursday during a meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry in which he openly mocked him for carrying his own suitcase.

According to Daily Mail, Putin and Kerry were meeting in Moscow to discuss Syria‘s political future. Putin delivered his joke through an interpreter as an introduction to the four-hour meeting about Russia’s relationship with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In the joke, Putin took a shot at the American economy, saying the situation in the US had gotten so terrible that there was nobody to help our Secretary of State.

Putin also joked that Kerry had bought cash to Moscow to use for bargaining during the discussions,  which would explain why he did not want to hand over his bags.

The Russian leader began by saying he was a “a bit frustrated and upset” to see Kerry walk off the plane carrying his own luggage.

“On the one hand, it’s quite a democratic way of conduct, but on the other hand, I thought probably the situation in the United States is not that good and there is no one to assist the Secretary of State in carrying his luggage,” Putin said.

A clearly flustered Kerry smiled and laughed awkwardly as the joke was delivered.

“I hear your economy’s okay, there’s no slow down,” Putin continued. “Probably then I thought there was something in that briefcase of yours you couldn’t trust someone else with. Probably you brought some money with you to haggle on key matters.”

Kerry kept silently smiling as the interpreter finished the joke.

“When we have a private moment, I’ll show you what’s in my briefcase. And I think you’ll be surprised – pleasantly,” Kerry responded.

This exchanges summarizes what little respect most of the world now has for America after seven years of being ruled by Obama. Our current president has made us all look like cowards, and a tough guy like Putin has no patience for Obama’s race-baiting nonsense. Like a bully on the playground, he showed Obama’s minion who was boss during this meeting, and he completely got away with it.

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