Punk Who Rushed Trump On Stage Just Given THIS!


Thomas DiMassimo is the little liberal punk who rushed Donald Trump on stage during his weekend rally in Ohio. His stunt created panic among the crowd and was a major security violation.

And now he has been given a fawning interview on CNN.

DiMiassimo was interviewed on CNN this week, where he said, “I was thinking that Donald Trump is a bully, and he is nothing more than that. He is somebody who is just saying a lot of bold things, he’s making bold claims. But I can see right through that and I can see that he’s truly just a coward. And he’s opportunistic and he’s willing to destroy this country for power for himself.”

What a moron. Apparently, enforcing American law, including American immigration law, makes Trump a bully.


DiMassimo after being released on bail.

DiMassimo continued, “He says scary things. He lets his people do scary things. He’s threatened Mexico, Islam, you name it, and yet I’m unafraid. And if I can be unafraid enough to go take his podium away from him, then we all can be unafraid enough to not let this man walk into the White House.”

Just imagine if a Tea Party member had rushed the stage while Hillary Clinton was speaking. Do you think that protester would be chatting happily with a CNN host, asking why he rushed Hillary? No, that protester would be in federal prison right now, awaiting a severe punishment.

On a side note, Mr. DiMassimo is a drama major at Wright State University in Dayton. He said he voted for Bernie Sanders. There is little doubt that he will be a low-wage liberal for the rest of his life. And his parents are both government employees. No surprises there.

What are your thoughts on Mr. DiMassimo? Do you think he should get a jail sentence? Let us know in the comments below.