Protesters Turn Dakota Pipeline Grounds Into Toxic Waste Dump


The Dakota Access Pipeline project has been held up for months by protesters who claim to oppose disturbing the area’s pristine natural resources.

Last week, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was finally granted permission to finish the final 1.5 miles of the more than 1,700-mile pipeline.

Now, as the protesters and their make-shift shantytowns are removed, officials are shocked to find what thousands of these callous protesters have done to “Mother Earth”.

The North Dakota Fox affiliate is reporting that “mountains” of garbage have been left on site for municipal sanitation workers to clean up. Over 250 jumbo sanitation trucks will be needed to haul away all the waste left behind from the protesters. Due to the harsh winter weather in North Dakota, cleaning up the mess will require extra time and expensive machinery. All that garbage is now frozen into massive chunks of junk.

Much of the toxic waste is frozen into large chunks of junk.
Much of the toxic waste is frozen into large chunks of junk.

Local officials are also expressing concern that many of the protesters, angry at the local and federal government, may have set booby traps for the clean up crews.

“We are looking for, as I said, anything illegal, anything that might be used to, I guess, harm our officers during a protest,” says Jay Gruebele, Morton County Sheriff’s Office Captain.

Even worse, officials fear there may even be dead bodies of protesters within the mountains of squalor.

“As bad as it sounds, we’re looking for people that may have died and could be wrapped up in a canvas or a tarp or tent,” says Gruebele.

Each load that’s dumped is inspected by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department.

Thanks, Environmental Warriors!
Thanks, Environmental Warriors!

The Army Corps has closed off the area to the public and said in a press release that grass has been destroyed across 50 acres of land. And once the weather warms up, the spring rains could send toxic sludge into the nearby Cannonball River and Lake Oahe, the same lake the protesters said would be polluted by the pipeline.

As the Wall Street Journal opines, “Moral grandstanding can be a dirty business, but shouldn’t the protesters pay to clean up their own mess?”

Yes, the protesters should be forced to pay for this environmental disaster. But of course they wont. Most don’t have jobs. Many are just there to have a good time, like a current-day Woodstock. And a good number of them are just lazy slackers, joining a “cause” to make themselves feel relevant.

At what point do protesters become criminals? Shouldn’t these “environmental terrorists” be held accountable for something?

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