Protesters Stage National “A Day Without Immigrants” – And Receive a BRUTAL Surprise!


On Thursday, February 16, many illegal immigrants across the United States staged “A Day Without Immigrants” (of course, if the organizers had been technically correct, it should have been called “A Day Without ILLEGAL Immigrants”).

For some of those who gleefully took part in the show of national petulance, February 17 is not a happy day. These people are finding out that their employers, who were nice enough to provide them employment, have given them pink slips! After all, part of having a job includes showing up when reasonably required to. Not showing up to work, and advertising that you are not showing up due to a protest, is not smart.

Have a look these folks’ expressions as they read the note on the door of this employer:

Sign on business to those who skip work for ‘A Day Without Immigrants’

President Trump’s policies against illegal immigration are just that: policies against ILLEGAL immigration. Not immigration per se. There is no whiff of bigotry in Trump’s stance. That important distinction seems to have been missed by the illegals, their supporters, and most of the media.

Part of the nationwide demonstration included some immigrant students, here illegally, skipping classes. What did that prove? How did the failure to show up to class affect anyone other than themselves?

At any rate, the premise of the “Day Without Immigrants” – of the legal or illegal variety – is just plain wrong. Sure, a massive, nationwide work boycott would hurt American businesses, who haven’t had time to prepare for it and fill the employee gap. But only temporarily.

Consider the following scenario. Illegal immigrants choose to permanently leave the American work force. In a few months time businesses would have found replacements for the missing labor, albeit at generally slightly higher wages. There are plenty of Americans looking for work; jobs (and a paycheck) which are getting increasingly more difficult to procure in recent times.

Consider states like New Hampshire and Vermont. There are very few illegal immigrants. Guess what? The dishes at restaurants get washed. The landscaping gets done. The hotel beds get made between occupants and the apples and strawberries get picked. I suppose the left thinks these things are either not getting done (the dishes are piling up in the restaurants, the apples rotting on the ground), or are getting done by the work fairies!

Wrong. Who does these jobs, and others like them, in these states? The citizens of these states, that’s who!

Farm workers in Vermont

There are no jobs that “Americans won’t do.” That is simply a myth.

The next time one of these “Days Without [Illegal] Immigrants” nationwide protests is staged, law enforcement should keep close tabs on what businesses appear to be short on workers, and then investigate the businesses for who they are employing the day after. Enforcement agencies can use these special days to more easily crack down on companies are breaking employment laws!

What do you think of the protest known as “A Day Without Immigrants”? Share your opinions in the Comments section.