Protester Says ‘Bill’s a Rapist’ to Hillary’s Face – Watch What she Does IMMEDIATELY

Angry Hillary
Hillary goes nuts when protester calls Bill a "rapist."

This video is actually pretty amusing. In it, Hillary Clinton is giving a speech before (mostly) her adoring fans, when someone in the crowd calls out that “Bill Clinton is a rapist…”

As Hillary tries to be heard above the crowd, who mostly drown her out, she keeps raising her voice and jabbing her figure in the air. The defiant arrogance on her face, and her gesticulations, immediately gave me déjà vu of something… Yet I couldn’t quite put my finger on it…

Then it hit me! Old black and white video from the 1930s. Italy and Germany. Il Duce and Der Fuhrer! Old Hillary seemed to channeling both, as she appeared as some curious mix of both Mussolini and Fuhrer at their finest. Too funny!