Proof That Hillary Clinton Accepted Millions From China and Russia


Presidential historian and New York Times bestselling author Doug Wead has written a compelling new book, Game of Thorns: The Inside Story of Hillary Clinton’s Failed Campaign and Donald Trump’s Winning Strategy.

After the failed campaign ended, the blame game started. Hillary Clinton blamed the FBI’s decision to reopen the investigation into her emails, the Wikileaks revelations and that campaign strategy missteps were at fault. According to Wead, Hillary’s scathing defeat was unsurprising and a direct result of the scandals, lies and cover-ups that have followed her and her husband for decades.

Wead’s book details the “scale of corruption” of the Clintons’ controversies, from Hillary’s curious relationship with Russia while Secretary of State, to “pay to play” practices with China dating back to her husband’s time as governor in Arkansas.

He writes that perhaps the most blatant corruption charge was levied at the Clintons for “selling sleepovers” in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House.

A little talked about story regarding financial help from foreign governments goes back to a relationship the Clintons had with a fry cook, Charles Yah Lin Trie, who worked at the Fu Lin Chinese Restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas, during Bill Clinton’s days as governor.

When the Clintons moved into the White House in 1991 Trie curiously became an important corporate figure as well as a prominent Clinton financial backer. The FBI quickly learned the one source of income for Trie’s company was from bank accounts in Hong Kong in the name of Ng Lap Seng. The year of Clinton’s re-election, 1996, Charlie Trie brought another man, Wang Jun with him to the White House for coffee with Bill.

The FBI had it all down on eavesdropping surveillance. The Chinese were trying to influence the re-election of Bill Clinton. Charlie Trie fled the country during a congressional investigation, as did Ng Lap Seng, who was suspected of funneling money from the People’s Republic of China into the Clinton reelection campaign.

It wasn’t surprising then that Ng Lap Seng showed up in New York in 2016 during the Russian email hacking investigation and was quickly arrested and charged with bringing in suitcases full of cash to bribe United Nations officials.

During Hillary’s 2016 campaign Hillary accused Trump of “getting cozy” with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and being helped by the Russians asserting that they hacked her emails. However, she had her own verifiable unscrupulous relationship with Russia while Secretary of State.

In Wead’s book he states, “Clinton encouraged American tech companies to help fund Skolkovo, the Russian version of Silicon Valley.” He goes on to say, “In return, Skolkovo raised millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation.”

As far as “selling sleepovers” at the White House, Wead writes in his book that eight hundred individuals paid for the pleasure of sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom. Funds from that ranged anywhere between $60,000-$411,000, depending on who the individual was.

Donald Trump says what he does and does what he says. “He has redefined modern politics,” Wead wrote.