Prominent Democrat Publicly DESTROYS Obama


Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, a well known political liberal, has criticized Obama for his foreign policy and decision to abstain from a UN vote on Israeli settlements.

During an appearance on ‘Fox & Friends’ earlier in the week, Dershowitz said that Obama’s UN decision was tantamount to ‘stabbing Israel in the back’, and that Obama will end up going down in history as ‘one of the worst foreign policy presidents ever’.

The vote in question limits not only where Jewish citizens can live, but even dictates where they are allowed to pray. To abstain from the vote is viewed by many as support for Palestinian violence and harmful for the Jewish people of Israel. The resolution condemns any Israeli settlement expansions in the occupied West Bank.

Dershowitz says that the resolution ‘will make peace much more difficult to achieve because the Palestinians will now say: we can get a state through the UN.’

Jewish leaders and several U.S. politicians and public figures from both sides of the political spectrum are reacting strongly to Obama’s decision.

Israel’s Ambassador Danny Danon made a statement saying he would have expected to see the U.S. veto the ‘disgraceful resolution’, and went on to say he had ‘no doubt that the new U.S. administration and the incoming UN Secretary General will usher in a new era in terms of the UN’s relationship with Israel.’

It seems many people are waiting for Donald Trump and his new administration to step in and right the wrongs Obama has caused with many of our allies, Israel included.