President Elect Trump Just Got ANOTHER Major Surprise!

Trump Pence Victory
Trump and Pence are both liked and respected by some of our country's finest.

First Responders, such as firemen (oh, sorry, firefighters) and police officers, in general, have been solidly behind Donald Trump (he is known as the “law and order candidate,” after all) and his Vice-President, Michael Pence.

This past Thursday, as Trump and Pence prepared to leave La Guardia airport, in NYC, for meetings with Barack Obama and congressional leaders in Washington, D.C., this sentiment was more than obvious, and it was more than a little emotional.

As Trump’s, then Pence’s, planes taxied to the runway they first had to move through an exquisite waterfall of water plumes shot into the air by fire trucks, while firefighters and airport staff stood nearby, waving.

This is particularly impressive as, generally, the “water cannon salute” is used for ceremonial purposes, such as the retirement of senior pilots and air traffic controllers, or the first and last flights of airlines and/or aircraft.

Water cannon salutes are also used by fireboats as they celebrate the retirement of senior officers, the visiting of foreign dignitaries, and other important ceremonial instances.

This display of respect and gratitude is an excellent sign that the prospect of having Trump and Pence in power is exciting to some of those, our first responders, who put their lives on the line, daily, to ensure that the rest of us are safe and secure.