Pop Singer BLACKLISTED After Publicly Defying Black Lives Matter Movement


Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas is a member of the all-black female hip-hop group TLC, which is known as one of the greatest pop groups of the 1990s. Now, however, Thomas has found herself being blacklisted by American race-baiters after she refused to submit to the Black Lives Matter movement in a recent interview.

The Blaze reported that during an interview with UK’s Channel 4 News this week, Thomas enraged American liberals when she dared to say “all lives matter.”

“Another issue that’s been highlighted in both the USA and the UK is the Black Lives Matter movement,” reporter Jasmine Dotiwala began. “Did you guys feel strongly about it when it was kicking off in America? Did you go on any marches? Did you go on any anti-Trump marches?”

Here’s how Thomas responded:

I personally didn’t go into any marches, or anything like that, but for me, all lives matter, you know what I mean? Because there is a time when different groups are targeted for different things, you know what I’m saying? So, I just think that, just the whole … you know … what happened with the police brutality against these young black boys and stuff like that, all of that kind of stuff is wrong, even if it was a caucasian teen kid that this was happening to or whatever. It’s just not right.

She went on to acknowledge that law enforcement takes things too far sometimes and that police officers should be vetted more thoroughly.

“Some people take that authoritative position, and go crazy with it obviously,” Thomas said. “I think that before people are hired in these positions, they need to do some kind of better background check on them, or mental stability kind of check on them to see if they can really handle being in a position like that.”

“That color sticks together too, blue, they stick together. They’re not going to tell on each other,” added Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, another TLC member who was once a contestant on Donald Trump’s hit show Celebrity Apprentice.

“I don’t care about Donald Trump,” Watkins continued. “God is my president, so I just feel sorry for people it affects, but I don’t care about him.”

Thomas and Watkins’ answers may seem perfectly reasonable to many, as they are both entitled to their opinions. Race-baiters, however, fired back on Twitter as if the women had announced that they are Nazis.

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