Police Make INFURIATING Announcement About Chicago Thugs Who Tortured Disabled Trump Supporter


The police have made a shocking statement about the criminals who tortured a Trump supporter in Chicago.

The thugs who kidnapped the special needs teen were allegedly mirroring behavior of the popular Black Lives Matter movement. The racial slurs and disregard for the law were all caught on tape; proudly filmed by the torturers themselves.

Unfortunately for the family of the victim and potential future victims of the violent Black Lives Matter movement, the police are denying the connection. CNN reports that Chicago police see no connection between the suspects and the hate group, Black Lives Matter, also known as BLM.


The Facebook Live video shows the teenaged criminals saying, “*F*ck Donald Trump! F*ck white people!” as they berate and abuse the young victim, who is white.

The Chicago police are unwilling to admit that the attackers were influenced by the BLM movement – yet Chicago continues to be a haven for gangs, thugs, and BLM violence. There is something very wrong going on in Chicago.

CNN of course calls Black Lives Matter, “a social justice movement that protests violence and racism against African-Americans.” In reality, BLM is a violent, cop-hating, anti-white, aggressive, radical group which has disorganized leadership. Most known leaders, however, openly promote the murder of police officers.


Dimitri Roberts, a former Chicago police officer said the crime had nothing to do with Black Lives Matter. “This is hate,” Roberts said, “And hate doesn’t have a color. So for folks to talk about this is somehow connected to Black Lives Matter is absolutely the wrong way to look at this.”

Robert’s wants the pubic to ignore the fact that these teenage criminals were influenced by newly emerging hate group that Obama refused to denounce. Police are afraid to arrest or even criticize these aggressive BLM protesters due to fear of repercussions, meanwhile the protesters march the streets inciting violence, starting fires, and destroying public and private property.


If the Chicago police are going to leave BLM out of this case, that’s a shame. But why not admit that the local gang culture might have played a role? These attackers were all under the age of 20 – somebody was influencing them directly or indirectly to live the “gang life” and nobody seems to care. Chicago police and local politicians are choosing to ignore the larger problem.


Do you think the Black Lives Matter movement played a role in influencing these criminals who tortured an innocent teen? Share your thoughts in the comments section.