Pic of Trump Jr. Holding ‘Elephant Tail He Cut Off’ Goes Viral – But Here’s the TRUTH


A few years ago, TMZ reported on pictures of the Trump sons killing exotic animals in Africa.

They focused on a photo of Don Jr holding an elephant tail.

TMZ ran the story without even looking into it, with the intention to make Trump Jr. look like a bloodthirsty monster.

Just one problem — they weren’t telling the whole story.

Via Forbes:

Donald Jr. told me that TMZ didn’t report that Africans traditionally cut off the tail and make bracelets from the tail hair. TMZ didn’t seem to know—again, because they didn’t do any reporting—that Africans do this as a sign of respect for the fallen animal. And they didn’t report that elephants are over-populated in the area the Trumps hunted and so need to be hunted to prevent them from further destroying their habitat. They didn’t mention that when elephants overpopulate they literally rip down the forest. They didn’t note—and any conservation group could have told them this—the result of an overpopulated elephant herd is death by starvation and disease. Nor did they did contact the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to find out that hunting is managed scientifically to benefit all species and the ecosystem.

This story is two of the top stories on Reddit right now, and it’s one of the biggest websites in the world. Millions upon millions of people will see this. The problem is, many people just scroll through looking at the headline and the picture, and then just keep on scrolling. Even though these pictures are from years ago, liberals will do anything to smear Donald Trump and his family. They will post things from the past knowing liberals won’t do the follow-up research required to learn the truth. Most people who see this assume that the Trump family is out there just cutting off elephant trunks and gunning down innocent magnificent beasts for the fun of it because they are sick people.

Here is what the completely out-of-context pictures look like to the millions of people who won’t do any further investigating on what actually happened:

Of course, the average person who doesn’t know anything about hunting will be appalled. This is how liberals brainwash people. Sickening on every level. They know if they have to stick to facts, they will lose 10 out of 10 times.

Here’s one of the great comments calling out the liberal hypocrisy:

You don’t have to like hunting. But you have have to be consistent of who you criticize for doing it.