Pelosi’s Planted “Victim” Tries To Read Prepared Question On CNN; Flops “Big League”


Liberal moon-bat Nancy Pelosi held a CNN town hall meeting last night to take questions from “ordinary Americans”. And, in typical Pelosi fashion, she had a “plant” in the audience, posing as a victim of Trump’s “Muslim ban”. The woman, supposedly the daughter of a Yemeni immigrant, got up to read the question that someone wrote for her on her smart phone.

There was only one problem. She apparently didn’t understand what the heck she was given to read. It was embarrassing to watch.

It’s obvious that this poor girl was being used as a political pawn. She was supposed to act “outraged” by Trump’s “Muslim ban”, but it’s hard to be outraged by something you don’t understand.

Pathetic. Typical. Another “victim” paraded out by Democrats and CNN to show the world how horrible conservatives are.

Of course, Pelosi’s answer was a predictable string of liberal talking points (“Your family is suffering because our president is reckless”, “The Statue of Liberty has tears rolling down her cheeks”, blah blah, blah…)

Watch the video below. And try not to giggle.