Paul Ryan Gets Slammed With BAD News After Turning on Trump


Donald Trump’s presidential campaign went through a rather rocky period this last weekend, following the release of an audio clip in which he made supposedly lewd comments about women over eleven years ago.

Following that tape’s release, many top Republicans withdrew support from Trump left and right, saying they did not want to be associated with a man who said those things about women. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is one of the Republicans who abandoned Trump, as he announced Monday that he will no longer “defend” the GOP presidential nominee and will instead focus on maintaining the majority in Congress.

Trump unloaded on Ryan and others in the GOP for not supporting their own Party’s nominee:

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Unfortunately for Ryan, this move has backfired on him in a big way.

The American people, who voted for Trump overwhelmingly, have had it with Ryan. According to Truthfeed, a petition has been launched demanding that Ryan resign immediately. This petition has already gone viral, getting over 5,000 signatures in one day.

“Paul Ryan does not represent the will of we the people, thus he should not be Speaker of the House,” the petition read.

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