Patriotic State Risks Everything To Defy Obama With THIS


New Jersey is known for being a liberal, Obama-loving state. That’s why it came as a shock to the president when the state recently defied him in a big way with a new law that violates one of his most treasured agendas.

Conservative Tribune reported that New Jersey has introduced a new piece of legislation to combat the overreaching arm of the federal government and move away from Barack Obama’s unprecedented transgender bathroom directive. Sponsored by New Jersey General Assemblyman Robert Dancer, the bill would allow schools that lose federal funding for not following Obama’s Title IX interpretation and not adopting transgender bathroom policies to be given protection by the state’s Attorney General’s Office.

“This legislation will not only further New Jersey’s public policy on protecting all students against discrimination, but at the same time, recognize and protect the privacy rights of all students as well,” the bill stated.“The attorney general shall provide assistance to any school district or charter school in a legal proceeding directly related to an action by the federal government to reduce or eliminate federal aid to the school district or charter school in response to alleged noncompliance.”

“The assistance provided by the 30 Attorney General may be legal or financial, or any other type of 31 assistance deemed appropriate by the Attorney General,” the bill continued.

Dancer quickly spoke out to praise the legislation.

“We are witnessing an unprecedented overreach by the federal government. Schools in New Jersey have educated students of all races, religions and genders, without discrimination, for decades,” Dancer said of his bill, according to Asbury Park Press.

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