PATHETIC! Hillary Clinton Received 800,000 Illegal Votes


New research claims that Hillary Clinton received 800,000 illegal votes in the 2016 presidential election.

Breitbart reports that political scientist Jesse Richman from Old Dominion University in Virginia is the professor behind the research. Richman, who received his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, is not happy that conservatives got a hold of his study. Richman has expressed to the press that he wished Donald Trump “would stop citing his work.” Too late, Jesse! The facts are out there – and if they don’t fit your political agenda, suck it up.

The study found that found that 6.4 percent of 20 million illegal immigrants in United States voted in November’s election. Breitbart explains that Richman “extrapolated these results into support for each presidential candidate, estimating that Clinton would have received 81 percent support from noncitizens, therefore receiving an extra 834,000 votes.” The same source argues that 834,000 is a very significant number, even “enough to have tipped some of the closest races in Clinton’s favor, including New Hampshire, Nevada, and Maine, all of which Clinton won by margins of under 3 percent.”

That’s a big deal for a variety of reasons, mostly in regards to fairness. How can someone who hasn’t obeyed the laws of this country have a say in who runs it? The study also validates the argument for implementing voter ID laws. Getting into an R-rated movie in America requires more identification than voting in a presidential election.


The tables are turned against the democrats now that the illegal votes have been counted. Trump has mentioned in the past that Hillary Clinton only won the popular vote because of voter fraud, saying he would have won it “if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”

This study is a slap in the face to the liberal media who have been criticizing Donald Trump for saying illegal immigrants voted for Hillary. President Trump was right! Sorry, CNN.