Outrage After Ivanka Trump Wears THIS to Father’s Speech to Congress


Ivanka looked gorgeous, nobody would contest that. Her $3,000 fuchsia dress, on her slender figure, was stunning. But the designer. He is Roland Mouret Rawlings. And he is French. That is an issue for a number of people who feel that it would be more appropriate for Ivanka to “buy American, hire American.” After all, aren’t we all supposed to be doing everything we can to “Make America Great Again?” Well, buying American is supposed to be part of that plan.

Interestingly, the dress also caused controversy because it was a cocktail dress, which some people felt was not formal enough for such an important occasion.

While the formality of the dress is probably an inconsequential issue, “buy American, hire American” is not. While it is probably true that any famous designer whom Ivanka will wear can easily survive without her purchasing from him or her, the hypocrisy of her buying non-American clothing is unnecessarily upsetting to the people of this country.

An article on hollywoodlife.com said it well when they stated, “Ivanka is being put on blast by pretty much the entire country and people everywhere are flipping out. It’s one thing to not wear an American designer now that she is part of the First Family of the United States, but it’s a whole other fiasco because as she stood in the stands watching the speech, her father was urging citizens to “buy American, hire American… We can’t deny that Ivanka’s fuschia Roland Mouret Rawlings Satin Knee-Length Dress was stunning. The form-fitting asymmetric neck, off-the-shoulder, fitted silhouette of the dress hugged her frame perfectly and she looked gorgeous, but she is now representing the United States of America. So, the question is — why couldn’t you just wear an America designer, Ivanka? Especially since Donald was telling the country to buy American and and hire American.”

What do you think? Was it a big deal that Ivanka wore a dress by a French designer? Let us know in the comments section, below.