O’Reilly Lands a New Gig – You’ll Be Surprised Where…


Bill O’Reilly is back! O’Reilly will join Glenn Beck’s radio talk show every Friday. The much missed Fox News host said he will be on the radio show “until Beck gets tired of me.”

On the “No Spin News” podcast the O’Reilly hosts, he announced the good news. O’Reilly is excited about this venture stating, “It’s a good outlet for me to, you know, discuss things back and forth with Beck, who’s a good friend. We don’t agree on everything, but it’s lively.”

Beck and O’Reilly have been friends since they were both Fox rating powerhouses. And, like O’Reilly, Beck was let go from his Fox show even though his ratings were through the roof.

They have supported each other through their controversies, Beck most recently stating on his radio show that the charges against O’Reilly were false and calculated.

Beck states, “He had access (at Fox News) to very beautiful women. We never saw him utter a word that was even blue humor. He was so buttoned up when he was around us, I find these charges hard to believe.”

Beck urged his listeners to Google an article about nine, big corporations the leftist groups, funded by George Soros, are targeting. The corporations are supposedly somehow profiting from the President’s strong immigration stance. “That will give you a roadmap,” Beck said.

Beck has been urging O’Reilly to join him in many ventures for years, and is excited about O’Reilly joining him now. The liberal force can’t quiet O’Reilly. The truth will be revealed.