OOPS! George W. Bush Accidently Exposes Himself As Anti-Trump RINO


Former President George W. Bush was caught making sarcastic, disparaging comments at President Donald Trump’s inauguration in January. New York Magazine is reporting that three witnesses heard the former president say “That was some weird sh*t” as he was leaving Trump’s inauguration last January.

Liberals in the media are latching onto this story with great glee – anything to insult President Trump one more time.

The Daily News starts their story with the comment, “You said it, George.”

New York Magazine adds, “The inauguration of Donald Trump was a surreal experience for pretty much everyone who witnessed it.”

Actually, President Trump’s inauguration was an extremely proud moment for millions of hard-working Americans who are fed up with the disgraceful Democratic party, the disappointing Republican establishment, and the flagrantly biased mainstream media.

Hearing Trump tell America that he was taking power back from Washington DC and returning it to ordinary Americas was exhilarating.

Many supporters of Donald Trump who once supported former President George Bush, are now asking Bush what he meant by his sarcastic comment.

Here’s some REALLY weird sh*t from Trump’s inauguration

“What was so weird about the inauguration?” radio talk show host Jeff Kuhner rhetorically asked his listeners. “Was it the part about putting American interests first, for the first time in decades? Was it the part about how middle America has been forgotten by the liberal, out-of-touch Democrats and corporate globalist Republicans in Washington DC?”

The United States has spent trillions of dollars and sacrificed thousands of American lives defending other nations and their borders while ignoring our own border security.

The election of Donald Trump was a complete repudiation of Washington DC; a rejection of both out-of-touch, sanctimonious liberals like Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Republican globalists like “Press-2-for-English” Jeb Bush.

The Bush family got a wake-up call last year. Their political dynasty is over. And so is the entire establishment-Republican party.

Hard-working Americans across middle-America have woken up and told Washington DC that they will no longer be ignored.

Was Bush’s comments about Donald Trump’s inauguration an innocent comment? Or was it further proof that the establishment Republican party no longer understands middle America? Share your thoughts in the comment section.