Obama’s Newest Lie About Race Relations


Barack Obama has really outdone himself this time. He has managed to play the blame game and simultaneously praise himself on one single issue!

The topic at hand is race relations in America, which have certainly NOT improved by any sane standards under President Obama’s watch. According to Breitbart, Judy Hsu of ABC7 Chicago recently asked Obama flat out if race relations have improved or declined during his presidency.

Obama’s response? Almost too smarmy and manipulative to believe. Not only did he say “for the most part” things were better (which is a lie), he went onto excuse himself from any responsibility in the matter. Obama said:

“You know I think that in some ways, like everything else, it’s gotten better and in some ways we have surfaced tensions that were already there but are getting more attention. Look, I came to Chicago in 1985, in the middle of Council Wars between Harold Washington and Eddie Vrdolyak. Some of your viewers are too young to remember this stuff.”

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 18: U.S. President Barack Obama (C) speaks about race relations while flanked by Brittany Packnett (L), and Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), in the Roosevelt Room at the White House, February 18, 2016 in Washington, DC. President Obama met with African American faith and civil rights leaders before an event to celebrate Black History Month. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Apparently none of the racial tension in the past 8 years is Obama’s responsibility. This coming from a President who refused to denounce the violent hate group Black Lives Matter. In Obama’s world the racial tension was already there, just waiting to resurface. Well he certainly has helped it along.

President Obama also found a lovely way to insult ABC viewers by insinuating they were “too young to remember” how things were; aka, too stupid to know the history of their own country.

Welcome to the Democratic party, where blame and evasion of the truth the highest currencies!


A 2015 poll cited by Conservative Tribune says that “six in 10 Americans thought that race relations were generally bad, and four in 10 thought the situation was getting worse.”

Sadly, in Barack Obama’s America violence is on the rise. Yet he seems immune to the violence in Chicago, the violence against police officers, and “dead cop” chants from protesters across the nation.

Obama doesn’t care about race relations any more than Hillary does. They are career politicians who care about votes and cash.