Obama Is Spending $12 Billion On THIS! Unbelievable…


The Obama Administration has now announced a plan to spend over $12 Billion to pay for “free” school lunches for poor kids… in the summer, when school is out!

This is another effort to make as many American families dependent on the government in every way possible. And yes, millions of illegal alien children will get this wonderful freebie as well.

The government will now pay to staff schools in the summer so that kids come come in and get their free meals. Many schools are already providing free breakfasts for low-income children as well, and there are proposals to keep schools open year round to provide dinners for these children too.

But wait, it gets better.

Currently, families have to fill out a form to enroll in the free lunch program. The Obama Administration thinks filling out the application is a burden for families, so that will no longer be required.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said, “We know that the (free school lunch) program works, and we want to expand it. Many children who are eligible for free and reduced lunch meals aren’t enrolled in the program — this is going to help ensure that they receive the benefits, too.” Of course, families benefiting from the free school meals will not see any reduction in their food stamps, or any other benefit. Those can now be spent on other goodies.


The Obama Administration claims that hunger affects 1 out of 7 American households, and over 15 million kids go hungry every night. That is ironic, because Obama keeps telling us how fabulous the economy is performing. There are currently over 80 welfare programs designed to help poor families in the United States, costing the country over $1 Trillion per year.

Last year, the Agriculture Department, which pays for the free lunch programs, admitted that it had doled out $3 billion in “improper” payments associated with subsidized lunches.

But apparently, that doesn’t matter.